01.03.2014 Newly adopted Law on minor offences entered into force ("Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia", no. 65/2013)
14.11.2013 The Constitutional Court brought decision no. IUz. 95/2013 declaring the provisions of Article 20 ž, paragraph 1 of the Law on privatization is not in compliance with the Constitution. This provision predicted that since the beginning of restructuring process until the ending of that process, but not later than Jun 30th 2014, it is not allowed to start execution process against privatization entity or of its assets. Publication of the decision of the Constitutional Court was adjourned for six months.
07.02.2013 Newly adopted amendments of the Law on trade ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", no. 10/2013) predicts for the first time right of legal persons to seek and obtain indemnity for damages caused by violation of business reputation, which until now was not possible, since Law on contracts and tort did not recognized non-material damages for legal persons.