For over twenty years Law Office Kolšek - Markovic - Ilić has been focused on providing legal assistance and representation to domestic and foreign legal and natural persons before the courts and state bodies of the Republic of Serbia.

Today, the everyday office activities are mainly focused on dealing with legal entities. In addition, we also provide legal aid and advices to natural persons concerning the civil law area.

We provide our clients with comprehensive business support: starting with the establishment of the companies, through the monitoring of legal development (drafting model contracts, representation before the court, etc.) and finally through the process of liquidation or bankruptcy. In order to obtain complete assistance for our clients, through the years of experience we have made many connections with court interpreters, court experts and private executioners.

Concerning natural persons, we provide services that are accustomed in everyday life and associated with areas of family law, inheritance law, real estate law, indemnity of damages etc.

We recognize that each client requires an individual approach. Therefore, we procure enough time for each and every one of them, and as a result we promptly provide higly professional answers.

Our activities are based on trust, and our clients can rely on complete attorney-client privilege.

Monitoring of legislation (adopted legal documents and their amendments) and jurisprudence is common part of our work, so informations and answers we provide are in accordance with the rules in force.